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With a vast ocean of  apps out there, finding high quality apps that can take your adult content viewing experience to the next level can be a real challenge especially if you aren’t familiar with adult apps. Again, there are lots of fake adult apps, and not to mention the tons of poor quality adult apps that only offer outdated content than can no longer please an avid adult content viewer.

While all these factors combined can make the search for quality  apps rather challenging, the great news is that you can still find some good apps as long as you are well-versed with some of the high quality  apps presently available on the market. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the best  apps that will help you get started with picking high quality apps to satisfy your adult content viewing needs.

1. Spankwire

Spankwire is among the largest sources of adult content on the web. It features thousands of videos that suit all tastes. The well-crafted and professional looking adult app is particularly great for your Android phone, thanks to the fact it boasts exciting features that are all well designed to help you view porn and other adult related content using your Android phone. It is a useful source of pornography because it allows viewers to access pornographic videos that other mobile device users can’t access. Spankwire is particularly known for publishing annual demographics, which are meant to display the type of devices that can be used to access different kind of  videos.

2. HD  Access-Free

This is not only one of the top notch adult apps that are currently on the market, but it is also a popular choice for those seeking to satisfy their erotic viewing needs in style. The app delivers awesome content from all porn genres. It boasts a huge video database, which gives you unlimited choice of adult content to enjoy. The app is also compatible with nearly all mobile devices, ranging from Android to iOS as well as different types of smartphones. Regardless of the mobile device that you using, this app will stream perfectly well and hence it is an excellent choice for you.

3. Hclips

This is arguably the most popular app these days, for you will never miss Hclips in any list of apps you come across. The high quality  app is available in a wide array of languages, and it also features different channels, with each of them providing their own category of porn videos. You can also try the �random’ selection feature, which enables you to view a plethora of videos at a glance. Hclips works perfectly well with Android. In addition, it features a huge collection of adult content than any other adult app out there.

4. Badoink HD

The popularity of this app is increasing in leaps and bounds, most probably because it is compatible with nearly all mobile devices. The amazing high quality app allows you to view a variety of adult content, ranging from hardcore, interracial, gay and lesbian among others. While using this app, all the video libraries are readily available on the type of mobile device that one is using and hence there is absolutely no need to sync. The other advantage of this app over tons of other adult apps out there is that, it is quite easy to install on any mobile device. Better still, it has some excellent features designed with the need to help you view and download high quality adult content in mind.

5. Hustler HD

The app is specially designed with the need to provide mobile device users with unrivaled access to the porn world . It is extremely easy to use, and it is popular for providing amazing adult videos to arouse and satisfy all excitement that adult content enthusiasts have. Their database is incredibly huge compared to that of other  apps. With Hustler HD, you can have access to any type of adult content you desire.

6. Reality Kings HD

If the ability to view fresh content is one of the things you always put into consideration when picking adult apps, then this app should definitely be one of your first options. The app also captures the essence of great mobile porn, and that is why it has features tailored at helping mobile device users have access to high quality porn. The video libraries featured in this app bring together a huge number of beautiful, dark, exotic, Asian and Indian porn actresses. Most importantly, it is designed to provide a comfortable experience to iPhone and Android users. You can also select any porn category you wish from their video galleries.

7. Brazzers

This is simply an outstanding app and for good reasons. First, the app has been around for more than a decade, and thus they know what it takes to please adult content viewers. The high quality adult app is an amazing source of high quality HD porn movies as well as erotic scenes for viewers to choose from. The mobile app isn’t only easy to install, but it is also compatible with virtually all mobile devices, ranging from Android devices, smartphones to tablets. Better still, it streams perfectly well on all mobile devices.

8. Mikandi

This is one of the best apps for Android, thanks to the fact that it supports a wide array of �sex-themed’ Android content. Unlike lots of adult apps that hardly go beyond simple adult videos, the app offers viewers access to high quality and most recent adult content. While most of the adult content featured in this app isn’t free, it is however worth the cost considering that no other free adult apps will provide you with high quality content the way Mikandi does. Again, their content can be purchased with different type 0f currencies, hence making the adult app one of its kind in the history of adult apps.


This one I recently got hired to help to develop. It is by an emerging adult toy industry giant from Netherlands called Kiiroo. They recently launched a teledildonics product for couples called Pearl and Onyx.  This male masturbator  is really unique and can be controled by remote software. It now works on a desktop platform, however we have a mission to make it work on both Android and IOS systems. I will be solely working on a male version of things and my colleagues will do the Pearl. We have like 6 months to make things work.


While choosing the best adult apps from an ocean of programs out there can prove to be an overwhelming task, you can still get quality apps if you exactly to get them. With this list of best apps on the market now available to you, then you already know where to begin your search.

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